Dr. Dan Greene

Program Director

Kathy Schaefer

Program Administrator

We Promote Personal Responsibility


WorkSafe trainings focus on the personal responsibility to ensure their own back safety in the workplace and at home.



We conduct 1-hour presentations at your company using

a multi-media approach.

    • Pre- and post-test

    • Industry video

    • Back Safety & Ergonomic booklets

    • Fun group discussion

Our trained doctors work with the employees on proper

ways to lift, bend and move. Before each program, instructors conduct an evaluative walk-through of the worksite to customize the presentation. Together, the WorkSafe instructor and the employees will discuss practical solutions that are unique to the workplace.


Companies in metal, wood, and other manufacturing qualify for WorkSafe.

Does Your Company Qualify?



We Bring WorkSafe to You

We Use Trained WorkSafe Doctors


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